Monday, June 20, 2011

Me and Madison

It's 11:30 pm and me and Madison are just sitting her looking at stuff on the computer.  She didn't know I had a blog so I showed it to her.  Now she is excited and wanted me to post something.  So what do I post Madison?

My pregnency is going slow and uncomfortable.  I have contractions all the time along with pain.  Having to take medication to control both of these.  We hope to get 4-5 more weeks out of this pregnancy.  I will be 35 weeks then and thats when all 3 of my other kids were born.  So please pray for us.

Also pray for Clay, he has started biting people for no reason and it gets everyone upset.  For some reason he likes to bite Jacob and my step daughter Madison more than anyone.

My oldest daughter Madison is 12 years old now and getting more beautiful every day.  (and moody!)

Good night all and God Bless!