Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Computer and prayer needs

So we finally broke down and got a new computer.  A lap top at that!  The kids love it especially Clay.  He loves to get on PBS kids and play all the games.  I am amazed at all the things that he is learning.  He really likes to play word world and is learning all kinds of word and letter sounds.

We are in need of some major prayers right now.  Some I will not mention as the Lord knows them.  I am struggling with training of the children.  I read the book To Train Up a Child.  It was recommended by a friend and was a great book.  What I am having problems with is consistency with the training.  Some times I am just so tired I am ready to give up and give in.  Please pray for my strength in this matter.  Thanks


  1. I may need Clay to come help me with my computer and trying to get my blog page set up lol

  2. Come and get him any time you want.